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At Disaster Recovery QLD, we don’t just extract water and install some dryers. We fully restore and protect your home or business from the devastating effects of water damage. How? With a 12-step restoration process, eco-friendly disinfectants, and unparalleled techs who have extracted over 3 million litres of water from Brisbane properties.

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Our technicians aren’t just certified. Phill, our IICRC-certified Master Technician, leads our ongoing training. We spend over 150 hours annually honing restoration skills like structural drying techniques that cut drying times by 62%.

While other companies might “tell you it’s dry” after a few days, we take the time to fully restore and protect your property by:

Performing a comprehensive 18-point inspection including moisture mapping technology other Brisbane companies simply don’t use. We detect hidden moisture you wouldn’t spot until mould takes hold.

Disinfecting with Eco-friendly products that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and leave an undetectable antimicrobial barrier for 30 days. Other companies use harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach.

Monitoring progress with real-time sensors and equipment. We missile mould regrowth before it starts by tracking humidity levels, runtimes, and drying performance.

Don’t risk hiring a generic “building resoration” technician to restore your life’s biggest investment. Disaster Recovery Qld prioritises customised restoration processes, eco-friendly solutions, and unrivaled technician expertise.

Contact our Brisbane water damage experts today at 1300 309 361 to schedule an inspection and quote. Discover why we’re trusted by more residents and the top agents in the area.
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