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Everything we do is to improve your situation, we believe in the best investment in education, and, we believe in our team.     How we challenge the market is by developing new strategies and efficiencies for our clients and we just happen to be extremely proficient in Emergency Remediation Services.       Our company is Disaster Recovery Qld.                      How can we help?

Welcome To Disaster Recovery Qld

Your complete insurance restoration services for Water – Fire and Mould Restorations

DR Qld is the experts in all disaster recovery services including Emergency water extraction, water damage services, Commercial losses, Fire & Odour damage, Mould Remediation, and Investigation, Infectious and Biohazard control measures, along with other specialties and services.

Disaster Recovery boasts Brisbane’s Master Restoration Technicians in Water, Fire, Mould Remediation, Carpet and Rug Cleaning. Australian and American qualifications in Commercial and Residential specialized drying techniques and also specializing in Bio Cleans and meth and marijuana decontaminations.

Disaster Recovery service all Brisbane areas, West of Toowoomba, South To Northern NSW, North to the Sunshine Coast, Surrounding Bay areas, and all surrounding areas. Dealing with disaster and emergencies we know how to help in your time of need. Need a fast response time?  Our office is 24/7.  Call or friendly office staff on 1300 309 361

Core Values

History of Disaster Recovery

In July 2011 Disaster Recovery started. In less than ten years, Disaster Recovery has become Brisbane’s leading insurance repair company for specialized claims, bio-recovery services and, complex Residential and Commercial claims.   

Starting as a home Business and growing into a team in their third factory located in Wacol, Phill has recently brought in a new business partner and re-branded to Disaster Recovery Qld.  With a new vision to provide new processes, protocols, and application methods, Disaster Recovery Qld future is looking exceptional.  

With both Phill and Paul having over 20 years’ experience in the Cleaning and Restoration Industry, the sustainability and growth within the company structure will provide a platform for future industry growth.  Education will play an enormous part in our growth in the industry with one day having the industry recognized as a trade.   

Disaster Recovery is expanding in the Commercial Restoration Sector along with becoming an Industry Leader by starting a Podcast. 

Podcast: Professional Carpet Cleaning and Restorers Podcast.  Listen on Spotify and Anchor.

Meet the team: 

In an industry where people behind the company are as important as the company itself. 

Phill McGurk

Phill McGurk

Distinguished Master Restorer, Phill McGurk, has successfully developed a network of contacts across the country during his 20 years’ industry experience. Attending regular meetings, conferences and workshops both here and in the United States, means Phill has the most current knowledge of restoration techniques, equipment, chemicals and regulations.

This worldwide network supports and encourages Restorers to help one another by sharing technical information and practical solutions. There is a wealth of knowledge here of fully certified professionals with years of experience.

Phill’s working life has been spent engaged in further education and building strong relationships with other restorers. Moving forwards, his vision is to unite the industry into a truly professional body.

Passionate about education, Phill has been a guest speaker at many conventions including the recent RIA Conference and Trade show on the Sunshine Coast. He shared his invaluable experience of recruiting for this specialised industry, highlighting the qualities required to foster resilience and adaptability.

Backed by an impressive list of qualifications, Phill possesses a natural teaching style which translates  to his crew being among the most prepared Restorers in the country. At the very heart of this ethos is the company’s five core values: being positive, punctual, professional, exceptional communicators and going the extra mile. Armed with  these, the Disaster Recovery Technicians perform at a high level.

Restoration is a hidden industry until a crisis hits. Phill believes Restorers are undervalued professionals who as first responders, arrive at a person’s home or workplace during the worst possible moments in their lives. Technicians work efficiently to return them to safe and healthy home and work environments.

Paul Lederhose

Paul Lederhose

Paul Lederhose has a wealth of knowledge being a lead technician for one of Brisbane's largest restoration companies through the 2000's. Paul then moved into a national consulting role with Australia's largest insurance claim providers. Paul is glad to come on board and share some background of this industry to Disaster Recovery Qld staff members to develop a team second to none. Paul is now part-owner of Disaster Recovery Qld and has already begun to implement key strategies to build the company's core strengths. Building a team that sees the industry as a career rather than a job allows our clients to gain more exceptional experiences. 


Jake Bell

Jake Bell began as a junior technician three years ago and has since progressed to lead technician and completed several IICRC specialized courses. Jake has been a part of the team for the past two years and has continually shown progress and a thirst to build on his current knowledge.  Being apart of the team has strengthened his confidence to challenge his base knowledge and has moved into specialized projects.  Jake has a keen interest in old cars and presently is the proud owner of an immaculate 1966 Impala. 


Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips background extends around self-defence. Sam has progressed from a junior technician to a lead technician in under two years by committing himself to learn the industry. Sam has completed several IICRC specialized courses and is currently running through a comprehensive online course to extend his current knowledge. Sam is married and expecting his first child in early 2020. 


Rohan Williamson

Rohan Williamson knows the building industry and recently joined the Disaster Recovery Qld team at the start of 2019 up in Townsville during the devastating flooding. During this time, Rohan showed the ability to grasp the event and the tragedy surrounding this time to become a valuable part of the team. Rohan has completed IICRC specialized training and recently became a Lead Technician. Rohan is married, has a baby daughter, a mortgage and needs to work 😊.


Kori Schefe

Kori Schefe changed industries mid-2018 as a boilermaker to challenge himself in a new career.  Playing golf with Kori, I found he was ready for a change and offered a position as a technician with the role of moving into a Lead Technician.  Kori has completed several IICRC specialized courses and is currently challenging himself with a comprehensive online course.  Kori family is involved in the local golf course with him even working behind the bar from time to time.


Angela Rivera

Angela Rivera came to the company in 2014 after leaving here carrier in England as an editor.  Helping to establish the company, Ang developed critical systems and protocols.  Angela has evolved to her new role as Operations Manager and currently is involved with the day to day operations of the business.  Angela is married with two children and is heavily involved in their schooling and after school activities.  Angela’s daily role includes establishing critical relations with claim providers, insurance companies, clients, and Disaster Recovery Qld staff.  Clear vocabulary skills are a vital part of Angelas role.


Yvette Paa

Yvette Paa Started in the company in 2014 as our inhouse accounts manager with a degree in business and finance. Yvette has established herself as a vital member of the company designing many critical financial enhancements. Also, Yvette’s hardest job can sometimes making sense of the variety of claims and different billing models introduced by each of the insurance carriers. Yvette has developed inhouse quoting and scoping models, which allows for faster submissions. Yvette is a wife and mother and seems to never have enough free hours on the weekends.  


Renee Thomson

Renee Thomson has a background of an internal claim’s manager with a primary provider.  Renee recently moved from Sydney to Brisbane and quickly settled into the role of claims advisor.  Renee is currently working casual and looking after her child establishing a new life nearer to her family. With a background in hairdressing, Renee provides a listening ear to our clients and will always enjoy a chat. 


Linda Morris

Linda Morris joined the fire and smoke team with proven skills and ten years in the game.  Linda’s ability to establish a report and provide the delicate measures around a claim helps to ensure when sensitive materials are involved.  Linda has been a team member since 2015 and continues to impress on her delivery. With the kids left home, Linda has more time with her husband and a large dog.