Be prepared for fire season – September, October & November

The 2019 fire season was catastrophic with deadly bushfires, exacerbated by hot dry winds, high temperatures, low humidity and dry vegetation. The 2020 Bureau of Meteorology predicts that August to October are likely to be warmer than average in our climate.

Whilst many rural fire brigades are working with land owners and land management agencies to oversee controlled hazard-reduction burns, there are still great opportunities to be prepared for the upcoming fire season.

  • Clear the area around your home – e.g. paving, short lawn
  • Keep grass trimmed / watered where possible
  • Near your home, only plant short shrubs and ground cover plants
  • Enquire about fire resilient vegetation at your local garden centre to plant near your home
  • Clear dead leaves, twigs, dead shrubs, especially within 10m of buildings
  • Keep grass trimmings / compost heaps away from the house
  • Store firewood or logs away from buildings
  • Keep your fences clear of debris and undergrowth
  • Prune lower tree branches
  • Keep rubbish away from buildings
  • Check your house is clearly marked with your house number etc. and a fire fighting vehicle has good access to get in and turn around
  • Ensure any domestic water tanks or firefighting tanks are full of water and ready
  • Ensure any underground tanks or drainage is marked so vehicles can avoid the area
  • Check your hoses or firefighting equipment (e.g. pump) are in good working order
  • Ensure there is good access to any paddocks
  • Ensure animals have a safe refuge
  • Create a bushfire survival plan and ensure everyone knows what to do should a fire occur.

Your QLD Fire Damage Restoration Experts

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