Dry Fogging

Employ our cutting-edge dry fogging procedures to sanitise and refresh spaces, ensuring an environment that meets the highest hygiene standards.

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Revolutionising Disinfection with Dry Fog Technology

In the realm of disinfection, not all solutions are created equal. Traditional methods like manual disinfection or UV-based systems often fall short, unable to reach every nook and cranny where dangerous pathogens may lurk. Enter our Dry Fog Solution, a game-changer in achieving comprehensive disinfection.

Unparalleled Coverage with No Exceptions

The term “whole room disinfection” can be misleading. Many technologies claiming to offer this service fail to disinfect every part of a room. Manual disinfection, while thorough, cannot target hard-to-reach areas consistently due to human error.

UV-based systems, though a step up from manual methods, also have their limitations. Shadows, distance, and line of sight can hinder their effectiveness, and they often require repositioning to improve coverage

Introducing the Halo Disinfection System®

Our solution? The Halo Disinfection System®. This innovative system combines HaloMist™, a proprietary broad-spectrum disinfectant, with the HaloFogger® to deliver a uniform, dry fog of disinfectant throughout any complex space. This combination ensures complete coverage with the highest possible efficacy on the market today.

How does it work?

The HaloFogger generates a turbulent aerosol that uses evaporation to disperse H202 vapor and increasingly concentrated micro-droplets throughout a room. This process ensures that our proprietary HaloMist formula reaches even those spaces beyond the reach of sprays, wipes, or UV lights.

The indicators

To verify the coverage of the disinfecting mist dispensed by a HaloFogger®, we use Chemical Indicator strips. Positioned throughout a room prior to treatment, these strips change color in the presence of high levels of hydrogen peroxide, providing positive proof that the disinfectant has reached—and disinfected—that surface.

The Solution for Every setting

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Our Emergency Response team is always on standby, equipped and ready to handle any disaster. We understand that quick response is crucial in minimizing damage and starting the recovery process.