Can Carpet Water Damage be Saved?

Whether the recent rain in Queensland has already caused flooding at your home, or you just want to be prepared for increased flood risk during the upcoming La Niña summer, you’ve come to the right place. 

You can learn more about La Niña and its impact on Australia here.

Carpet water damage, from flooding or from some other disaster in the home, is a massive headache. Carpets can be contaminated with sewage, debris, and unidentifiable organisms, none of which you want in your home.

Whether carpet water damage can be saved depends heavily on what kind of water flooded your home, and to what extent. After all, carpet flooded with sewage might be worth ripping out, right? 

Flood Damage from Rainwater 

If your carpet has been flooded with mostly rainwater and run off from your yard, you should be able to save it. A general rule is to replace it if it has been soaked for longer than twenty-four hours. But, carpet soaked for less than a day can be cleaned and dried. 

Open up the room to create as much circulation as possible to aid the drying process. Using a dehumidifier can speed this up as well. Use a wet/dry vacuum to minimise mould growth in the first few hours. 

Flood Damage from Sewage Disasters 

If your carpet is flooded with sewage, perhaps because of a plumbing disaster, it may be best to discard it completely. Contaminated water and sewage pose health risks to you and your family, including infectious diseases. If your carpet has been flooded with contaminated water, it is probably not worth the risk or expense having it professionally cleaned and restored unless the rug is very valuable. 

Tips for Drying Water Damaged Carpets 

There are some steps you can take to improve your DIY carpet restoration, in conjunction with contacting a disaster recovery professional. For instance, baking soda is a great tool for reducing musty smells after a “clean” water flood.

Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and work it in with a broom or mop. Let the carpet sit overnight, then remove the baking soda with your vacuum. Vacuum the carpet in one direction first, then turn to ninety degrees and vacuum it again. 

Need Carpet Water Damage Advice? 

If you’re unsure of the best steps to take to restore your water damaged carpet, your best bet is to contact a professional disaster recovery service. Disaster Recovery QLD is fully equipped to help you with flood damage restoration, water extraction, and more. We’re not limited to carpet restoration at all! 

Contact us to discuss your concerns and we’ll give you the best advice for your circumstances. 

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