Vandalism Cleanup and Strategies for Prevention

Vandalism cleanup of graffiti on a building

We often think of vandalism and graffiti as annoying things that “just happen”. Most people feel like there is not much you can do about vandalism – all you can do is respond to it with vandalism cleanup. If you feel the same way, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re going to teach you…

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Can Bushfires in Australia Create Their Own Weather?

Bushfires in Australia 2020/2021

With summer well on its way in Australia, the memories of the bushfire disasters in Summer 2019/2020 are creeping back into the minds of locals. Bushfires devastate thousands of square kilometres, burning up flora and displacing millions of animals country wide. The recent bushfire disasters have many people wondering, “Can bushfires create their own weather?”…

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Can Carpet Water Damage be Saved?

Vacuum Cleaner Carpet Water Damage Restoration

Whether the recent rain in Queensland has already caused flooding at your home, or you just want to be prepared for increased flood risk during the upcoming La Niña summer, you’ve come to the right place.  You can learn more about La Niña and its impact on Australia here. Carpet water damage, from flooding or…

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Australian Climate Outlook for Summer 2020/2021

After the disastrous summer of 2019/2020, we all want to be better prepared for the warmer months. The Australian climate outlook for summer 2020/2021 is, unfortunately, going to be another dicey one. Expect a lot of hot days, and the consequences of a La Niña. Climate Outlook: Rainfall for Summer Much of mainland Australia will…

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Commercial Emergency Plan

3 key steps to your Commercial Emergency Plan. List your emergency contacts Keep a list of key emergency phone numbers in a secure offsite location. These should include the local state emergency, police, fire and ambulance services. You could also include a list of recovery contacts such as: your insurance company, bank or building society,…

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Introducing the ISSA Clean Standard: K-12

How clean is your school? Although it may look clean, if children and teachers regularly succumb to illness then your cleaners, or the products they use, may not be meeting the necessary industry standards. With crackdowns on the Australian school cleaning system on the rise, why not get ahead of the game and adopt ISSA’s…

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Artemis’ Bio-Solutions Products for Mould Removal

Moulds are fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. No one knows how many species of fungi exist but estimates range from tens of thousands, to perhaps hundreds of thousands or more.  Moulds grow best in warm, damp and humid conditions, so they just love the Queensland climate. Growth speeds up inside houses…

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