Commercial Water Damage Restoration Service

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

Providing Stress-Free Emergency Repairs for Property Managers

When disaster strikes at your residential or commercial property, it causes headaches for managers who must oversee repairs and communicate with stakeholders. Burst pipes, roof leaks, storm damage and other catastrophes require urgent response along with coordination of repairs. Disaster Recovery Qld offers dedicated emergency restoration services to property managers to provide responsive assistance when it’s needed most.

We Work Directly with Your Maintenance Teams

Disaster Recovery Qld understands property managers have their hands full during crises. That’s why our experienced technicians liaise directly with your maintenance crews, contractors and tradespeople to execute commercial water damage restoration services. We assess damage, implement emergency measures, provide status updates and conduct clearance inspections. With us overseeing restorations, your staff can focus on their core duties without the stress of micromanaging repairs.

Assistance Developing Emergency Response Plans

Being prepared before catastrophe strikes is key. Disaster Recovery Qld helps property managers proactively develop emergency response plans for their properties. This includes:

  • Identifying potential risks like flooding, storms or fire hazards
  • Creating response procedures and contact lists
  • Outlining building information like utility shut-offs and floor plans
  • Defining response capabilities based on building size and other factors
  • Providing training to staff on emergency protocol activation

With a response plan in place, activation is swift when urgent issues arise.

24/7availability for Rapid Response

Disaster can strike at any time of day or night. Disaster Recovery Qld‘s team is on-call 24/7 to immediately assist when emergencies occur. Once on site, we work quickly to:

  • Assess and document damage
  • Stop ongoing water or moisture issues
  • Shore up unstable structures
  • Prevent additional damage from spreading
  • Begin drying out affected areas
  • Decontaminate if hazardous materials are involved

By taking swift action, we mitigate damage and losses.

Restoration Management Services

For major restoration projects, Disaster Recovery Qld can provide dedicated project management services. This includes:

  • Coordinating restoration contractors and tradespeople
  • Managing budgets/expenses related to the project
  • Providing frequent status updates to property managers
  • Completing required documentation like health and safety plans
  • Scheduling necessary inspections throughout the project

Our project management services alleviate the headache of overseeing large-scale repairs.

The Property Restoration Partner You Can Trust

Disaster Recovery Qld aims to be the property restoration partner you can count on when unforeseen problems occur. Our responsive, professional technicians and compassionate, personable service remove the stress from managing repairs when catastrophe strikes. Contact us today to learn more about our emergency commercial water damage restoration services.

Service Customers

  • Insurance Brokers
  • Property Management Company
  • Apartment Building Maintenance
  • IEP’s – Independant Environemental Professionals
  • Apartment Managers
  • Strata Groups
  • Insurance Companies
  • Land Lords
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Estate Lawyers
  • Residential Clients
  • Commercial Clients
  • Industrial Clients

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