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Disaster Recovery has been in operation for the past 7 years specializing in both residential and commercial claims for all major insurance companies.  As part of our progression throughout the years, Disaster Recovery has made a substantial investment in the latest remediation technology and restoration industry training.

Disaster Recovery has a proven track record in large-loss claims and developed strong ties with like-minded operators within the area to develop Queensland’s largest consolidated professional restoration group. 

Handling a Commercial Loss

Water loss, water intrusions, fire, smoke and biohazards can cause devastating losses  in terms of  business disruption, with unexpected financial losses.  Developing an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) can help reduce these interruptions and loss of income.  Disaster Recovery ensures all works are in accordance with Australian/New Zealand Standards to ensure a safe working environment throughout the remediation process.

Commercial Water Damage Prevention measures

Large-scale losses can be prevented by having an emergency plan.

  • Know where your emergency water valve is located
  • Emergency contact list including Fire Department, Remediation Company, Electrician and Plumber.
  • Deputise employees, authorising them to sign documents to commence works

It’s a great idea to build a relationship with a Restoration Company before an event strikes.  Do your due diligence and call a few companies to ensure your questions can be answered and they can provide the correct services.

Causes of Commercial Water Damage

Water damage can occur at any time.  Whether from natural disasters, sewage backups, burst pipes, gutter overflows, air conditioning units, frozen pipes or roof leaks, these can be a serious concern and a major threat to your commercial property.

Understanding the source of the damage is essential for corrective action and clean-up.  Every claim requires triage before remediation works can begin.  Identifying bacterial loads during a water event can prevent unnecessary additional works later in the claim.  Health preservation is the number one priority and it is essential commercial restoration experts are left to handle the clean-up and restoration.

Commercial Water Damage Experts in South East Queensland

When your commercial property has been affected by water loss, water intrusions, fire, smoke and biohazards, call the professionals at Disaster Recovery to extract, mitigate, control and remove any potentially dangerous contaminants.  We will respond anytime: day, night, weekends and public holidays. Our team will get to work immediately to mitigate and prevent further losses and business interruptions.  Contact the commercial loss experts @ Disaster Recovery on 1300 309 361.

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