Dealing With Unsightly Mould and Water Damage

Although the heavy rains have eased drought conditions and fire-ravaged areas, Queenslanders are now faced with cleaning up after flooding. Carpet water damage and mould are two of the biggest issues for a flood-affected house. Not tackling these immediately can impact the value of your property and your health.

Flood damage restoration 

You can try to deal with the aftermath yourself by ventilating the building and drying it out quickly with fans, or air conditioners on dry mode. However, floodwaters that have penetrated your home are considered black water. This means they carry disease-causing organisms that can contaminate porous items, such as carpet and personal items. In most cases these will need to be removed and treated to avoid health issues. 

It’s best to use professional flood damage restoration experts who specialise in black water treatment removal. Not doing so in a timely manner is hazardous to your health, exacerbates the deterioration of the wood and wall coverings, causes carpet water damage and creates the perfect environment for mould growth. All good reasons to act quickly!

Mould is a health risk 

Even without flooding, parts of Queensland are more at risk of mould during the wet season. Heat, humidity and pooling water combine to make an optimal environment for mould. 

Once mould takes hold, it can be difficult to fully eliminate without special products designed for mould removal. You need to take precautions when cleaning mould, because you could release spores into the air, causing adverse health effects and the spread of mould to other areas. Protective clothing is also advised to reduce exposure through inhalation, skin contact or ingestion.

Who is most affected by mould?

If you have a normal immune system, breathing in mould in small doses isn’t likely to affect you too much. However, some people are more at risk to mould exposure than others, such as the elderly and those with:

  • An allergy to mould 
  • Asthma or lung disease
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes, or 
  • Low immunity, such as people on cancer chemotherapy.

Flood and carpet water damage in Brisbane

Disaster Recovery specialises in flood damage restoration for the city of Brisbane and its surrounds. We have over 20 years experience with water extraction, water damage restoration, as well as content and structural drying for all types of residential and commercial properties, from 1 bedroom apartments to multi-story complexes. 

If you’re struggling to cope with carpet water damage in Brisbane or worried about mould, then contact us or call us on 1300 309 361. We offer a 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year. 

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