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9 Steps that makes us different

Water Damage Restoration Services =

Step 1

We offer a full range of water damage restoration services, including:

  1. Emergency response and water extraction
  2. Moisture mapping and documentation
  3. Anti-microbial treatments
  4. Structural drying techniques (dehumidifiers, air movers, etc.)
  5. Cleaning and sanitising
  6. Mould remediation (if needed)
  7. The process begins with an initial assessment to determine the scope of services needed. This involves identifying water sources, safety issues, taking photos, etc.
  8. Monitor progress with moisture meters and hygrometers.
  9. Additional issues like mould growth or structural defects may be identified during the initial investigation.

Step 2

Our Certifications and Qualifications

Our main Industry training is from the Standards Committee IICRC: www.iicrc.org

They provide the standards and then schools train apon the guidelines set by ANSI.

Our company has all staff quialified for the following:

  • Water Damage
  • Fire and Smoke
  • Mould Remediation

and also hold additional certification for WHS traininig through CARSI: www.carsi.com.au

Our technicians are backed up by our senior technician with a Master Certifications from IICRC.

We attend webinar series, industry tradeshows and events, and also speak at these event to our piers.

We are well recongnised in the Cleaning and Restoration Industry as a Pier for education by owning CARSI in our portfolio.

Step 3

Company History

  • Our company, Disaster Recovery QLD, has been providing water damage restoration services since 2011.
  • With your prior experience at other organisations, you have over 20 years of experience in the water damage restoration industry since 1998.

Steps 4

Geographic Areas we Service

We service a 50 km radius around Wacol, QLD to the north, east, and south.

To the west, you service up to 120 km from Wacol.

The specific council regions covered are:

  • Brisbane City Council
  • Gold Coast City Council
  • Ipswich City Council
  • Logan City Council
  • Moreton Bay City Council
  • Redland City Council
  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council
  • We service all suburbs and towns within these council boundaries.

Step 5

Type of Properties We Serve

  • Residential properties (homes, apartments, units, etc.)
  • Commercial properties (offices, hotels, shopping centers, schools, etc.)
  • Industrial properties (warehouses, manufacturing facilities, etc.)
  • Specialty properties (hospitals, galleries, performance spaces, music studios, dental/doctor offices, etc.)

Step 6

Specialised Equipment and Chemistry

  • We utilise refrigerant and desiccant dehumidification systems for drying.
  • Heating systems and air movers help accelerate the drying process.
  • Advanced injection and duct drying systems.
  • EPA registered anti-microbial chemicals that leave a 30-day residual barrier.

Step 7

Company Positive Accolades


  • An owner, Phill McGurk, is recognised as an industry expert and speaker.
  • He has spoken at industry events in Australia and North America.
  • Phill served as National Vice President for the cleaning/restoration industry association.
  • He continues to provide training for the industry.

Step 8

Main Decision Makers and Expertise

  • We have a well-rounded team consisting of administration, supervisors, and technicians.
  • Each staff member has specialised skills and experience.
  • We match technicians to jobs based on their expertise.
  • Our staff works collaboratively and is willing to assist each other when needed.

Step 9

Our Difference from our Competitors

  • We take a customised approach to each water damage job, treating each as unique.
  • Your company follows proven protocols and provides continual staff education/training.
  • You utilise industry-leading equipment and chemicals, with specialised training.
  • Mistakes are seen as opportunities for additional training and growth.
  • Your focus on education increases productivity, efficiency, and skills.
  • This allows team members to advance within your company over time.


We are not pretending to be Specialised Restoration Technicians!! Don’t be fooled.

Easily become a certified restoration technician in just 3 days! Score 75% or higher on a 160-question multiple choice exam after running through the questions in the morning for optimal memory retention. Don’t settle for just qualifications – a qualified technician should have at least 3 years of experience and multiple certifications, reaching the coveted Master Certification Level. Beware of those one-course restoration warriors who claim to do a “proper” job. Our industry lacks government support, leaving the cost of training on the shoulders of business owners. With high staff turnover, it’s rare for employees to stay in the industry or with one company for long, leading to a lack of skilled restoration workers. At our company, we only hire, or train “Restoration Technicians”, creating a specialised team focused on cleaning and restoration rather than destructive methods. We stay in our lane – let the builders build, the roofers roof, and the restorers restore.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Brisbane & Surrounding Areas

At Disaster Recovery QLD, we are Brisbane’s trusted experts in water damage restoration and repair. With over 20 years of experience since 1998, our IICRC-certified technicians can promptly and thoroughly restore your residential or commercial property after flooding, leaks, sewer backups, and other water damage events.

Emergency Water Extraction & Structural Drying

We provide 24/7 emergency response to begin water removal immediately using powerful truck-mounted extraction systems. Our technicians then implement structural drying techniques using commercial dehumidifiers, air movers, heating/cooling equipment, and advanced injecti-dry and duct drying systems.

Anti-Microbial Treatments & Sanitising

To restore your health and safety after water damage, we thoroughly clean and disinfect all affected areas. Our EPA-registered anti-microbial chemicals provide an invisible 30-day residual barrier on surfaces.

Mould Remediation & Removal

If any mould growth is detected during our initial moisture mapping and assessment, we will remediate and safely remove all mold using proven methods. We can also treat the underlying cause with anti-microbials to prevent future outbreaks.

Property Types We Service

We provide water damage repair services for residential homes, apartments, commercial offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, industrial warehouses, and more [click to see our service areas].

Industry Leading Equipment & Continual Technician Training

Our investment in the latest drying technology and equipment provides faster, more effective water extraction and structural drying. And our focus on continuing education ensures our technicians are highly qualified to properly service the unique needs of every water loss.

Customer Service & Communication

Throughout the restoration process, we clearly communicate every step and provide photo/video documentation of the drying setup and progress. Our friendly technicians make the process as easy and headache-free as possible.

Contact Disaster Recovery QLD today at 1300 309 361 or via our website to schedule water damage repair or mould remediation services. Our IICRC-certified experts serving your area.

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