Fire & Smoke

Fire and Smoke Odour

Smoke odour damage can be expertly treated through cleaning and odour control measures. Cleaning of building, soft furnishings and electronic devices can all be taken care of with our friendly team.

Years of experience allows our Team to deal with your premise and personal items in a professional and timely manner.

Disaster recovery uses a variety of specialised cleaning techniques for fire clean ups and odour elimination to help restore you property to a pre-loss condition. Including the use of dry chemical sponges, specialized cleaning products, microfiber cloths and blocks, ultrasonics (specialized techniques for cleaning electronics), soft water laundry techniques, soda blasting, Hepa filtration devises, ozone machines, fogging equipment, vapour machines, and steam cleaning equipment.

When cleaning and restoration is required after fire and smoke odour damage has occurred, it is not only important to remove the visible signs of the fire but the impurities associated with fire and soot. As the fire burns, it also burns other materials including woods, plastics and soft furnishings building up toxic off gasses.

It is important to use the correct PPE equipment in and around a fire and smoke odour affected property. The use of ozone and bio decontamination products required for a comprehensive total fire and smoke clean.

Assault team member comes through the window on fire
fire clean up
After fire clean up Room
Before fire clean up
After fire clean up