Flood restoration company near Me

Flood Restoration Companies Near Me

How do restoration companies work with Insurance?

Often restoration companies are called by a business or homeowner due to an escape of liquid from a burst pipe, overflow, water pipe break, accidental or intentional, and weather incidents (storm, winds, hail, flooding). Our knowledgeable office staff will guide you through the process and ensure your insurance claims go smoothly.
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Flood Restoration Companies

How much does it cost to restore after a water damage?

The cost associated with restoration vs tear-out and rebuild will often save 50% or more by bringing the materials back to pre-loss condition. The average water loss claims in Southeast Queensland for mitigation is between $2500 – $4000. This is based on over 1000 water damage claims carried out by Disaster Recovery Qld: 1300 309 361

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Do I need to call my insurance company first?

Contacting your insurance provider can streamline the claims process. They have a list of preferred vendors, such as Disaster Recovery Qld, that offer restoration services. If you come across a restoration company that specialises in your type of loss, it’s best to reach out to them directly for their expertise in handling your claim. Avoid general Building/Restoration Companies and opt for specialised remediation companies for a more effective restoration process.

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How do I know if I can claim under my insurance?

Insurance companies have ways to reduce or not pay and they are constantly changing their policies to reduce their liability. Disaster Recovery Qld staff are constantly trained to keep up with changing policies and have close relationships with loss adjusters to best navigate the claim in your favour.
Our role is not to deceive, manipulate, or cheat the insurance companies, but to understand their policy and work within these boundaries.

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My insurance carrier told me I had to use a company on their preferred vendor list?

Often your insurance carrier has a vendor list for which they have set the rates to their vendors. This has positive and negative effects. Building restoration companies have the incentive to replace, rather than restore as they must feed two mouths. While specialised restoration companies may not have the skills to understand the building envelop. Disaster Recovery Qld spends a lot of time training Psychometry, building science, and indoor environmental factors and has developed strong relationships with experts outside our direct skills. Trust a professional restoration company to fight alongside you.

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