Mould Removal

Mould Removal

Mould removal is just one step in the procedure for effective mould treatment and should include sampling, moisture reading test, air quality samples, swabs, ATP testing, inspections to properties to find and identify the source and full remediation packages.

The most likely cause for MOULD in a property is related to moisture. Find the source of the problem to solve the Mould issue. Just cleaning the area without fixing the problem, the MOULD will continue to grow back over and over again. With assistance from the property occupant and knowledge gained from past mould inspections, most problems can be solved with only one visit.

Air Scrubbers and Hepa filtration units are used to contain and NOT allow further SECONDARY DAMAGE to occur. The use of Soda Blasting, Antimicrobial cleaning solutions and micro fiber cloths is essential for the successful cleaning of mould. The off gasses from mould is the moulds way of defending its self and works as Moulds own army, not allowing the invasion of other moulds to grow in its area. These gasses are what people have a reaction too. People have a different tolerance to the off gassing giving different sensations around mould. I myself feel a heavy throbbing in my ears, sore eyes and then sore throat.

The use of bleaches base products serves no purpose but to remove the colour of mould.

Protein from the backin
Mould Spores
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High humidity levels causing mould growth
Damaged yellow tongue floor boards
Black mould

Mould Grades

  • Level 1 – Normal – No visible mould growth
  • Level 2 – Small areas of visible growth less than 1m2
  • Level 3 – This level is no greater than 10m2 in area and sustained serious mould damage over a period of time
  • Level 4 – Area has sustained severe mould damage that has affected the structural integrity of building materials. Visible mould growth occurs on greater than 25% or more than 10m2 of interior surface
  • Level 5 – Mould Exposure – Probable hidden mould growth
  • Level 6 – Cross Contamination combining with levels 1 through 5