Disaster Recovery utilises the latest and most effective cleaning and disinfecting solutions to ensure your property ends up smelling clean & fresh. Our knowledgeable technicians clean with the best sanitising and deodorising chemicals and equipment available.

As professional restorers, Disaster Recovery goes above and beyond customers’ expectations by eradicating the problem once and for all.

Whether caused by natural sources such as mould spores, decay, chemicals or smoke – all these odours can be removed by speeding up the natural process using heat, ozone machines, exhaust fans and chemistry.

Utilising best practices learnt through internationally-recognised courses and on-the-job experience, our Technicians combine the most effective technique, equipment and chemicals to solve any problem.

Unpleasant odours trigger an alarm in our brains, causing us to instinctively react with concern for our health and well-being. Disaster Recovery is here to neutralise the threat and eliminate the source.

Our well-stocked vans contain all the equipment and materials needed to clean any type of surface. From wood, through to plastic, metal, fabrics, and all flooring types – we’re dedicated to getting to the heart of the matter. It may be the odour’s source has penetrated more than a superficial layer and so intensive cleaning is required. We have the technical knowledge to make this happen.

With over 20 years in the industry, our Technicians have the experience and training in both Australia and North America to learn the latest techniques in restoring all manner of objects and buildings. Whether you’re renting, a landlord, private home owner or business manager, Disaster Recovery is here to take control of the situation and give you peace of mind.