Prepare for Bushfires with Firefighting Equipment

Get ready for the 2020 Fire Season. A bushfire can affect many things – apart from the obvious heat, wind, smoke and noise, you could be dealing with no phone, internet, water pressure or power. It can be a very scary time, with fire trucks hurtling around and a lot of aircraft activity trying to monitor or help the perilous situation.

As part of your preparations, you should review what firefighting equipment you have at your home so you are ready and safe. Here are a few items you should have at a minimum on premises ready for any incoming fire:

  • A long enough length of hose to reach all buildings that could be threatened by fire.
  • Know the location of all your external and internal ladders.
  • Purchase extra buckets for fire fighting.
  • Think about alternative water supplies – e.g. lots of people own an IBC which is a bulk water container which could be used to store emergency water if water pressure fails.
  • Arrange your tools to put out small fires easily – e.g. shovels, rakes, wet towels, sacks or other heavy material. Ensure they are readily accessible if required. 
  • Fire extinguishers for any internal fires.
  • Make sure you have a working torch (and batteries) or even get one that is wind-up as smoke can make visibility poor and you may have no power at night.
  • Check your wardrobe. Ensure you have full-length clothes readily available (wool or cotton), and also gloves, eye protection, sturdy boots and a broad brimmed hat so if you have to be near fire, you are as protected as possible.
  • Accumulate water bottles and containers, so you can easily carry water with you and give to others in the event of a fire emergency.
  • A first aid kit is very useful for any burns or injuries.
  • Monitor fire information. E.g. buy a battery-powered (or wind-up) radio so you can easily listen to bushfire updates. You can’t assume you will have electricity, phone or the internet. 
  • Fire blankets can be useful for shielding from fire or putting out small fires.

Check out the “Get Ready Queensland – Bushfire” website for more resources and also information on daily fire danger ratings, current bushfire incidents, fire bans and restrictions across the state.

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