Vandalism Cleanup and Strategies for Prevention

We often think of vandalism and graffiti as annoying things that “just happen”. Most people feel like there is not much you can do about vandalism – all you can do is respond to it with vandalism cleanup. If you feel the same way, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re going to teach you how to prevent vandalism and how to deal with it if it happens. 

There are many strategies to prevent vandalism and protect your home or business from wayward neighbourhood artists. The most effective strategies involve environmental design, according to this brochure on reducing graffiti and vandalism published by the government of Western Australia. 

Restrict Access to Your Property 

Where possible, try to restrict public access to your home or place of business. You can plant hedges and thorny plants to keep offenders away from inviting surfaces like blank walls. Decorative grates, fences and barriers help keep offenders away from inviting canvases, too. 

Establish Your Territory  

A run-down property is like an open invitation for further vandalism and graffiti. Maintain your property and keep it clean to create a sense of pride and territory. You can put up signs that indicate intruders are on private property if this is a concern. 

Work with the local community to find artists who create murals. Commission a local artist to create a beautiful mural on blank walls – this uplifts artists in your community and prevents further vandalism going forward. Graffiti “taggers” are less likely to vandalise artwork. 

Use Vandalism Cleanup Services

Be sure to use vandalism cleanup services promptly. The purpose of graffiti is to create a long-lasting symbol – if it doesn’t last long, you’ve destroyed its purpose. Vandalism cleanup services can assist you with this! 

Expose Vulnerable Spots to “Natural Surveillance” 

If you have inviting blank walls and display windows, it’s worth trimming back trees and bushes so that passers-by on the street can spot people who are vandalising your property. Motion-sensor lights are another great deterrent for vandalism and break-ins. 

In some cases, it can be difficult to hold offenders accountable for their actions. For instance, this community Sensory Garden in Terilbah Reserve, New South Wales, has been struggling with stolen trees and vandalised property. Hopefully, this article about the vandalism at the garden will help establish a stronger territory and deter the troublemakers. 

How to find reliable vandalism cleanup services 

Has your property been vandalised or covered in graffiti? You need to contact a vandalism cleanup specialist to remove it as soon as possible. Showing that you care for and maintain your property establishes a strong sense of territory and can prevent future vandalism. The Disaster Recovery team is well equipped to remove graffiti and assist with vandalism cleanup so that your property is restored in no time. Just give us a call. 

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