Burst Pipes Restoration Service

Burst pipes restoration services

Plumbing issues and burst pipes can cause major damage and disruption to any home or business. When a pipe bursts, it’s important to act quickly to minimise the effects and get professional help for restoration. Disaster Recovery Qld provides top-notch burst pipe restoration services to get your property back to normal as soon as possible.

Causes of Burst Pipes

There are a few key reasons that pipes can burst:

Freezing Temperatures

When temperatures drop below freezing, water inside pipes expands as it turns to ice. This expansion puts pressure on the pipes and can cause them to crack and burst. Burst frozen pipes are most common overnight or when a building is unoccupied and the heat is turned down.

Corrosion and Age

Over time, the materials of pipes can corrode and weaken. Old, corroded pipes are more likely to burst, especially if they are still bearing heavy water pressure. Plumbing systems wear out over decades of use.

High Water Pressure

A sudden spike in water pressure can stress pipes to the bursting point. This can happen if a valve is opened too quickly or if a pump system pushes too much pressure through the plumbing.

Ground Shifting

Shifts in the surrounding soil or in the home’s foundation can put extra strain on pipes and cause them to break at weak spots. This is most common after earthquakes or floods, but also happens due to erosion and soil settlement over time.

Damage During Renovations

During remodelling or repairs inside walls and floors, pipes can be inadvertently struck and damaged. Even a small hole or crack can burst open later under normal water pressure.

Dangers of Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is more than just an inconvenience – it can seriously damage a building and threaten health if left unchecked. Some key dangers include:


A sizable burst pipe can pump out hundreds of litres of water in just minutes. This water can soak carpets, warp wood floors, damage plasterboard and furniture, and cause mould growth. Serious flooding can even compromise the building’s structure.

Mould Growth

As floodwaters seep into porous materials, mould spores will begin to grow within 24-48 hours. Mould can cause respiratory issues and continued structural damage. Proper drying and mould remediation is essential after a burst pipe.


The water flooding from a burst pipe is unlikely to be sanitary. It can contain bacteria and microorganisms that pose a health hazard. Contaminated floodwaters should not be touched without protective gear.

Electrical Issues

Water and electricity do not mix! Flooded wiring and electrical components are fire and electrocution hazards. The power must be turned off during flood cleanup and repairs. Electrical systems may need replacing if water damage is extensive.

Business Interruptions

For companies, a burst pipe can mean disaster – flooding can force a business to completely shut down for days or weeks during cleanup and repairs. This results in lost revenue and disruption right when the company is facing costly repairs.

Emergency Response: First Steps After a Burst Pipe

When you discover a burst pipe, quick action is required to get the situation under control. Follow these steps:

  • Locate the home or building’s main water shutoff valve and turn the water supply off – this will prevent further flooding.
  • If there are electronics or power outlets near pooling water, either unplug devices or turn off power at the breaker panel – this prevents electrocution.
  • Move or elevate valuable items out of the path of the water.
  • Place towels, rags, and containers to catch the water – minimise it spreading across more floor space.
  • Take photos and videos of all damage for insurance claims.
  • Call a restoration company like Disaster Recovery Qld so professionals can start mitigating damage immediately. Time is critical!

The faster you can get control of the water and get restoration technicians on-site, the better chance you’ll have of saving your property from serious harm. Don’t wait to call for help!

Professional Restoration Process

Once our Disaster Recovery Qld team arrives on-site, we follow a thorough process to get your property dried out, cleaned up, and restored. Key steps include:

1. Emergency Water Extraction

We use specialised wet vacs, pumps, and dehumidifiers to rapidly extract standing water. Carpets, floors, walls, and furniture are all thoroughly dried. We can extract over 200 litres per minute!

2. Dry Out Affected Areas

Wet building materials and furnishings are carefully monitored with moisture meters. High-volume air movers circulate air to dry out all affected spaces. Dehumidifiers run continuously to keep relative humidity under 50%.

3. Sanitise and Deodorise

Once dry, we sanitise and deodorise all floors, walls, and furniture to remove bacteria left by the floodwaters. Disinfectants are applied liberally. Ozone treatment may also be used to remove stubborn odours.

4. Mould Inspection and Remediation

Our technicians will inspect all water-damaged areas for any mould growth. If found, we remediate using protective gear to clean mould away and prevent spore spread. Antimicrobial agents are applied to inhibit further growth.

5. Repairs and Restoration

Finally, we repair all damaged areas and assist with restoring the property. This may involve plasterboard replacement, new flooring installation, painting, electrical repairs, and replacing damaged furnishings. Our network of contractors handles all restoration work.

With our rapid response time and effective process, we strive to get your property restored and back to normal as fast as possible. Our experienced techs have seen it all when it comes to burst pipe disasters. Let us handle the restoration so you can focus on getting life back to normal.

Why Choose Disaster Recovery Qld?

If burst pipes and flood damage strike your home or business, choose Disaster Recovery Qld for:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response – We are always on call to quickly respond to flood emergencies and start restoring your property. Fast response minimises damage!
  • Industry Leading Equipment – We invest in the best drying, cleaning, and restoration equipment to speed up recovery time. Top gear equals faster results.
  • Highly Trained Technicians – Our techs receive ongoing training to keep up with the latest techniques and provide 5-star service. You want the best hands on your restoration job.
  • Structural Drying Expertise – From carpets to plasterboard to furniture, we know how to thoroughly dry and restore every part of your building. Improper drying can cause even more damage!
  • Trusted Reputation – With 20+ years serving our community, we’ve earned outstanding reviews for service, integrity, and results. You’re in good hands with our family owned business.

Don’t leave anything to chance – call Disaster Recovery Qld at 1300 309 361 or visit DisasterRecovery.com.au whenever burst pipes or other disasters strike. We’re here to help 24/7. With prompt action, we can get your life back on track.