Concrete Drying

Concrete Drying Services

Proper concrete drying is crucial before installing new floor coverings. Disaster Recovery Qld specialises in concrete moisture testing and subfloor drying to ensure your project meets all Australian Standards.

Why Concrete Moisture Testing is Essential

Concrete moisture testing is mandatory to comply with AS 1884:2021, and flooring manufacturer instructions. Testing verifies the concrete slab has dried to the required levels for moisture and alkalinity before installing new floor coverings.

Concrete Curing vs Drying

Curing refers to concrete gaining its desired strength, typically around 30 days. Drying is the additional time required for the slab to reach the manufacturer’s recommended relative humidity (RH) and pH levels. Drying takes much longer than curing due to factors like slab thickness and drying conditions.

When to Conduct Moisture Testing

Testing should occur within a few days before installing the floor coverings. This ensures the slab moisture matches the conditions the new flooring will encounter.

Number of Tests Needed

For resilient flooring, AS 1884:2021 mandates 3 tests for the first 100m2, then 1 test per additional 100m2. For carpets, AS 2455.1:2019 and AS 2455.2:2019 recommend 1 test per 500m2 for indication, or 1 test per 100m2 for more accuracy.

Proper Drilling Depth

Drill moisture testing holes to 40% depth for slabs on ground, 20% depth for suspended slabs.

Testing Old Slabs

Existing slabs must also be tested before installing new floor coverings over them.

Following Manufacturer Instructions

Always follow the flooring manufacturer’s requirements if they differ from the Australian Standards. Their instructions are tailored specifically to their products.

Monitoring Moisture and pH Levels

Both relative humidity and pH must be tested. Three RH and pH tests are recommended for the initial 100m2.

Concrete Drying Services from Disaster Recovery Qld

Trust Disaster Recovery Qld to handle your concrete moisture testing, subfloor drying, and restoration to ensure your new flooring complies with all standards. Contact us at 1300 309 361 or visit whenever water damage occurs. Following proper drying procedures is key to a successful flooring installation.

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