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DISASTER RECOVERY QLD provides specialised carpet cleaning and emergency water extraction services with a quick response time. We are dedicated to helping your property recover after standing water or flood damage.

Here is an extended explanation of standing water and emergency services for Disaster Recovery Qld:

Understanding Standing Water

When water remains stagnant or makes squelching sounds when disturbed, it is considered standing water. It can be noticed while working if there is a water noise and visible movement of water. Standing water allows further water penetration into materials, causing more damage. It must be extracted immediately.

What is Running Water

This refers to water that is continuously flowing from its source. It requires immediate attention and fixing the source to stop further flooding. Running water can cause severe destruction if not addressed swiftly.

Emergency Services Explained

Emergency services are necessary to prevent further loss or business interruption. They are prioritised for immediate action, typically within 1 hour of your call to us.

Examples of Emergency Services

One example of an emergency service is responding to a newly occurred water issue in either residential or commercial properties. Burst pipes, appliance leaks, sewer backups, and storm damage all require rapid response.

Timely Response

Under normal circumstances, our efficient admin team will collect the necessary information and dispatch our technicians to your location within the first hour of your call. However, this response time may vary during special events or high workloads.

Reasons for Delayed Arrival

There are several factors that can contribute to a longer arrival time:

  • High volume of emergency work
  • Special events or timings
  • Additional equipment needed

Sometimes, even though our large emergency restoration vehicles are often equipped with over $100,000 worth of extraction and drying equipment, it may not be sufficient or some equipment may already be in use on previous jobs. In such cases, we deploy multiple crews and vans equipped with necessary equipment to ensure efficient assistance.

Prioritising Emergency Restoration

At Disaster Recovery Qld, we always prioritise emergency restoration services to minimise further damage. Our technicians are on call 24/7 specifically to provide rapid response when prompt action is critical. You can rely on our timely assistance.

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