Flooded Crawlspace Restoration Service

Flooded Crawlspace Restoration Services

Discover the hidden dangers of a flooded crawlspace/subfloor lurking beneath your home. You may be unaware of its presence, but rest assured, a flooded crawlspace can cause significant damage to your home’s structure and air quality. Water often accumulates in this unfinished area between the ground and your flooring, which can lead to devastating consequences. Don’t worry though, if you’re in need of flooded crawlspace restoration services, our team specialises in identifying, decontaminating, and drying affected areas. Our range of services includes: water damage restoration, odour control restoration, moisture detection, and thermal image moisture detection. We understand the potential health and building material consequences of trapped moisture, and our inspections will help you better assess the situation.

This trapped moisture wreaks havoc in ways you can’t see:

Decaying Wood – Wet wood floors and supports eventually warp and rot, severely weakening your home’s foundation. Floors could suddenly collapse under your family’s feet.

Toxic Mold Growth – The dark, damp crawlspace is the perfect breeding ground for hazardous mould colonies. Spores penetrate ceilings and walls, spreading illness through your home’s air.

Rancid Odours – Stagnant water and mould create a foul, musty stench. Crawlspace odours permeate floor vents and fabric, impossible to eliminate without professional help.

Pest Infestations – Mosquitoes, cockroaches, and termites love to nest in wet crawlspace conditions. They can invade living areas through tiny crevices.

Our team at Disaster Recovery Qld specialises in investigating and providing tailored solutions to meet your flooded crawlspace restoration needs. If you’re looking for reliable and effective services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly office staff. Contact us today to learn more. Our investigation services start at just $550.

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