Storm Damage Restoration Service

Storm Damage Restoration Services

Storm Damage Ready

Storms can cause devastating damage to homes and businesses in just minutes. From flooding and winds to hail and lightning, storms create health hazards and structural issues requiring thorough restoration. As IICRC-certified storm damage recovery experts, we utilise commercial drying equipment and advanced diagnostics to fully remediate damage, restore your property to pre-loss condition, and get your life back to normal. Our 24/7 rapid response service helps residential and commercial clients.

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Storm Damage Hazards

Storms unleash a variety of damaging conditions:

  • Powerful winds can cause blown off roofs, shattered windows, detached siding and water intrusion that leads to major flooding. Debris also damages structures.
  • Hailstorms pummel roofs, siding and vehicles, leaving widespread dents and openings for water to pour in. Hail carries contaminants.
  • Lightning strikes can ignite structure fires or cause power surges that destroy electronics and appliances.
  • Heavy rains flood properties, saturate structures and breed mold. Contaminated overflow also creates biohazards.

Restoration Process

We use science-based methods tailored to your unique situation:

  • Initial loss assessment inspects for clean water flooding, sewage/chemical contamination, structural instability, mold growth and other damage needing remediation.
  • Source removal stops ongoing moisture intrusion. Temporary repairs are done to secure the structure and protect contents.
  • Contaminated materials are fully remediated per IICRC standards. Structural drying equipment removes all moisture. Air quality is restored.
  • We collect photo/video evidence of damage to support your insurance claim. Sample testing provides scientific data on contamination levels.
  • Reconstruction and repairs are completed once drying goals are met. We work with reliable contractors.

Storm Damage Safety

We follow strict protocols to protect health:

  • Technicians use proper personal protective equipment like respirators when handling contaminated materials.
  • Unsafe structural areas are isolated until properly repaired and dried to prevent collapses, electrocution, falls and other hazards.
  • All tools are UL certified and covered by our liability insurance. Safety training prevents equipment injuries.
  • Detailed site evaluations determine if asbestos, lead paint, mold and other toxic materials are present so proper remediation steps are taken.

Our Restoration Advantages

You can count on us for:

  • Highly trained IICRC-certified technicians available 24/7 year-round
  • Commercial dehumidification systems that rapidly dry any size property
  • Strict contamination control procedures during demolition and rebuilding
  • Clear communication throughout restoration and insurance claim processes

Working With Your Insurer

We make insurance claims smooth by:

  • Providing detailed invoices with equipment runtimes, service checklists and drying goals met
  • Submitting moisture readings, lab results and photo/video evidence
  • Communicating directly with your claims adjuster on project status
  • Recommending reputable reconstruction contractors that meet code

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We are committed to restoring safety and your peace of mind after storm disasters.