Water Damage Response Times

Water Damage Brisbane

After water damage in your Brisbane home or business, it’s crucial to respond quickly to mitigate damage and prevent mould growth, structure weaking, and wood rot. Here are the recommended response times after water damage and services that can help.

Key Takeaways

  • Respond within 24-48 hours of water damage for the best outcome
  • Extract standing water ASAP to prevent further damage
  • Dry out wet areas thoroughly within 72 hours
  • 24/7 water damage restoration is available for immediate response
  • Mould growth begins within 48 hours of water intrusion

Water damage allows only a small window of time before secondary damage sets in. Quick action is key to restoring your property and preventing further destruction.

Respond Within 24-48 Hours

After a water emergency like flooding, burst pipes, or storm damage, it’s vital to begin water extraction and flood recovery within the first 24-48 hours. The faster you can remove standing water and start the drying process, the better.

Why respond so quickly?

  • Prevent mould growth: Mould spores begin germinating within 48 hours in wet conditions.
  • Minimise further water damage: Standing water seeps into porous materials and causes more extensive damage the longer it’s left.
  • Save restoration costs: Quick response limits damage and restoration needed.

Water Extraction ASAP

Extracting standing water should begin immediately after discovering the leak or flooding. Professional water damage companies use commercial-grade extraction tools to remove water quickly and thoroughly.

24/7 water damage restoration services are available for immediate response any time of day or night. The faster water can be removed, the less harm it will cause.

Water extraction process:

  • Assess areas of standing water
  • Extract water with professional equipment
  • Remove wet materials that cannot be dried
  • Use dehumidifiers and fans to circulate air

Dry Out Wet Areas Within 72 Hours

After water extraction, the next goal is rapid drying of wet building materials and contents. With proper drying equipment, most flooded areas can be fully dried out within 72 hours if addressed promptly.

Equipment to rapidly dry flooded spaces:

  • High-velocity air movers
  • Commercial dehumidifiers
  • Air scrubbers to remove airborne particles
  • Structural drying techniques

For expedited drying, concrete drying services use specialised equipment to dry concrete and masonry within days. Thorough drying prevents further water damage and inhibits mould growth.

Act Now to Restore Your Property

Water damage restoration services available:

The first hours and days after water damage are crucial. Respond quickly to remove water, dry all affected materials, and restore your property. Acting fast minimises damage and prevents further destruction from mould growth.

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