Water Extraction and Water Removal

Water Extraction and Flood Recovery Services

Prompt removal of standing water is crucial to limit damage after pipe bursts, flooding, sewage backups and other water emergencies. As IICRC-certified water damage restoration specialists, we utilise powerful commercial extraction equipment and proven drying techniques to rapidly remove water and restore properties after water disasters. Our flood recovery services help residential and commercial clients including homeowners, property managers and contractors.

Causes of Water Damage

Some common sources of large-scale water damage requiring professional extraction include:

  • Burst or leaking pipes – This can quickly flood basements, walls and floor cavities as hundreds of litres of water escape in minutes. Lingering moisture causes structural damage.
  • Heavy rains or overflow from bodies of water – Storm flooding causes water to permeate into porous structural materials like plasterboard and brickwork, fuelling mould growth if not dried quickly.
  • Appliance and equipment leaks – Commercial equipment like dishwashers and cooling towers contains dozens of litres of water. Leaks require major extraction.
  • Sewage and drain backups – Sewage water is highly contaminated and spreads quickly into voids, ductwork and carpets. Thorough extraction limits spreading of bacteria.
  • Fire suppression water runoff – After a fire, huge amounts of water from sprinklers and firefighter hoses drench structures. This water contains soot and toxins.

Water Extraction Methods

We utilise specialty flood recovery equipment and techniques:

  • Portable electric water extractors remove standing water from floors and carpets. Different models have varying lift power and tank capacities.
  • Truck-mounted petrol or diesel water extraction units use high-power vacuum motors and heated air for strong water lift even from a distance. This rapidly extracts large quantities of water.
  • Carpet wands with brushes scrub carpets to bring water to the surface where it can be extracted by portable or truck-mounted units.
  • Upholstery tools attached to extractors remove water from soft furnishings without causing damage.

Drying and Recovery Process

Our restoration process focuses on complete structural drying:

  • After initial water removal, we use sensors to find hidden moisture in walls, floors and furnishings. Secondary extraction stops water damage.
  • Water flow is traced back to the source and leaks are sealed to prevent more water from exacerbating damage.
  • Structural drying equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers work nonstop to dry all affected materials via evaporation.
  • Progress is monitored with moisture meters. Thermal imaging shows if water remains trapped. Samples are lab tested for dryness.
  • Once fully dry per industry standards, reconstruction and repairs can begin. We often handle full restoration services.

Technician Training

Our technicians complete intensive certification courses:

  • IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician certification requires hands-on training in extraction tools, drying methods, antimicrobial application and more.
  • Equipment operation instruction covers safe handling of high-powered extraction motors, generators, compressors and drying machines.
  • Technicians learn how to assess damage, develop water removal plans tailored to each property, and implement moisture control procedures.
  • Rigorous safety protocols training prevents electrocution hazards, collapse risks, respiratory dangers and other extraction job site dangers.

Our Extraction Advantages

We provide rapid 24/7 flood recovery with:

  • The largest drying equipment inventory in the region including both electric and diesel extractors
  • Strict water removal procedures to minimise structural damage and prevent mould growth
  • Thermal imaging and lab drying analysis to verify water elimination
  • Regular inspection and moisture readings until the property is restored

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We offer emergency flood services 24/7 to rapidly restore water damaged properties.

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