Water & Flood Services

Emergency Water Extraction and Structural Drying

Specialized 24hr Water Extraction

24hr Emergency Services insures a quick response and a further migration loss.

We specialize in water removal and content and structural drying.  With the aid of high speed air movers, small to very large dehumidification units, injecti-dry system, floor extraction maps specialized for wooden flooring, ducting systems we can cover all spectrum’s of drying.

Since 1997 Disaster Recovery’s professional team has the resources to mitigate claims the size of 1 x bedroom to multi-story complexes

Drying equipment and dehumidifiers used for drying of floor surfaces, walls, behind walls, cupboards, ceilings, crawl spaces, attics, basements, furniture etc

Examples of Clean water
Burst pipe indoors, water through roof tiles, bath tub free of soap, hot water systems, fire hydrants, fire sprinklers, fridge water line etc

Examples of Grey water
Fish Tank, water with soaps – Dishwasher, washing machine etc

Examples of Black water
Storm water back up, sewage water, water that has flown from outside in over gardens or lawns, river water etc

Floor coverings are salvageable if the water is either category 1 or 2. Flooring to be removed and treated in category 3.

In most instances, carpet can be extracted and dried in 1 to 2 days. It may sometimes take longer to dry the sub-floor that the carpet is laid on though.

As most carpet is laid on concrete which itself is an absorbent material, the concrete has to dry as well to prevent further problems from leaving a dry product on a wet product. Also to take inconsideration is any other surface that may be wet or swollen like; walls and skirtings, cupboards and personal items.

an underwater view in the flooding interior. 3d concept
Water removal